Salmon Pie

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Salmon Pie

Our homestyle Salmon Pie is a delicious Lenten tradition, ready to heat and eat for meatless Fridays, or any day you feel like it. It starts with a special selection of salmon, delicately blended with Landry’s signature Old World spices and cooked slowly to perfection, infused with mashed potatoes, and placed in our handmade signature savory crust. And with our frozen 24 ounce ready-to-cook option, you don’t have to wait until Easter!

Just heat and serve, our 26 ounce pie easily feeds a family of four with a hot, inexpensive meal, or take an 8 ounce size to work for a tasty workday treat.


  • HEAT AND SERVE: 8 OZ., 26 OZ.
  • FROZEN: 24 OZ.